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Wonder Group Signed Strategic Alliance Agreement

Rongsheng Property Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred as ¡°Rongsheng Insurance¡±), the first property insurance corporation in Liaoning province, was officially established on August 8. Mr. Zhao Qingjie, founder of Wonder Group and Mr. Guan Xin, CFO of Wonder Group attended the opening ceremony. Wonder Group and Rongsheng Insurance signed a strategic alliance agreement on the ceremony. This agreement symbolizes the thorough cross-industry cooperation between the two sides in smart driving safety, internet of vehicle and big data. It¡¯s an important initiative of Wonder Group to make mobility by vehicles easier, safer and more environmently friendly.

Wonder Group will cooperate with Rongsheng Insurance to realize meticulous innovation on vehicle insurance products and differentiation of service quality by integrating big data analysis, automatic driving, assisted driving and other technologies. Satisfactory social and economic performance can also be achieved in safe driving evaluation, driving behavior correction, damage prevention and energy saving & emission reduction, etc.

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