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The Summit of Data-driven & Value Discovering Co-sponsored by Wonder Group Was Held in Shenyang

The summit of Data-driven & Value Discovering co-sponsored by China Academy of Northeast Revitalization, China Venture Capital, Liaoning Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Wonder Group and DTB Data Score Chain Alliance was successfully held in Shenyang Liaoning Province on June 12. Zeng Qingdong, president of Wonder Group delivered a speech in the theme of Traffic Safety - Responsibility and Mission of Wonder at the summit.

As a domestic leading supplier of auto parts, Wonder Group has the largest manufacturer of airbag and seat belt with self-developed brand in China. Currently over 30 million vehicles have been installed safety system produced by Wonder. With the arrival of internet media era, Wonder Group developed iDAS (Intelligent Driving Assistance Service) to predict traffic risk by early intervention. In recent two years Wonder has provided 40000 sets of iDAS and reduced traffic accident effectively. The powerful function of data collection and analysis by its cloud service platform can offer behavior report to drivers and be widely used in vehicle fleet management.

Zeng also introduced the promotion program of million sets iDAS and future strategic plan of Wonder Group. Wonder is dedicated to upgrading and transforming their traditional business to become an intelligent driving system supplier and solution provider.

This is a cross-industry summit on car networking, big data and insurance. It will raise awareness on future development direction among automobile enterprises, provide new business model for traditional companies engaged in automobile manufacture, circulation and aftermarket service to cultivate a better world for industries besides automobile.

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