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About Us
As a professional supplier of auto parts system, Wonder Auto Group Limited primarily engages in developing, manufacturing and distribution of four series of auto parts: automotive electrical system (alternators, starters, drive motors, electric power steering system), active and passive safety system (airbags, seat belts, ESC, ACC, TPMS, LDW), auto suspension system (shock absorber piston rodsŁ¬shock absorber assembly) and engine valve system (engine valves and tappets).

Wonder Group has more than 20 enterprises, over 9,000 employees, and a R&D team with over 600 members. Wonder currently has the second largest generator and starter production enterprise in China, the largest self-owned brand airbag and pre-tensioned seat belt manufacturing enterprise in China. In addition, Wonder has the largest engine valve and tappet manufacturing enterprise in China with the strongest R&D strength and the most extensive customer base, and the shock absorber piston rod production enterprise with the largest global sales currently.

Wonder has gained YoY sales increase of 19% and 12% in 2016 and 2017 respectively and maintained stable growth.Wonder is dedicated to upgrading and transforming their traditional business to become an intelligent driving system supplier and solution provider.

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Address:Wonder Industrial Park, Xihai Street, Eco.&Tech. Dev. Zone, Jinzhou, Liaoning